The name John Cooke has been synonymous with the world of investigation for nearly 25 years. Nevada-based John Cooke Investigations now brings resources and valued U.S. and global partnerships to the private investigation industry. When you need experience, persistence, and results, you need John Cooke.


Respected for our intelligence, skill, and most importantly, discretion and confidentiality

Since 1994, CEOs, business leaders, and investigators throughout the United States and internationally have known and respected the the team at John Cooke for their ongoing educational efforts in the areas of business, insurance, and finance and for the acclaimed publication — The John Cooke Reports. John Cooke Investigations now expands those efforts in the Nevada community and throughout the United States by bringing together an experienced and trusted group of investigators, researchers, and technicians.

At John Cooke’s side, these licensed professionals bring decades of experience, offering a full selection of services to individuals, families, corporations, and law and insurance firms. Our investigators have the training and experience to meet and exceed your expectations in all matters of insurance and litigation support.

With access to the most recent investigative technologies plus strong relationships with top experts throughout the U.S. and beyond, John Cooke Investigations is ready to assist you with discreet and confidential services.

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A few words from our founder


I’ve spent a long career investigating criminal activity and offering proactive education to would-be victims. In a perfect world, there would be no victims, but such is not the case.

In dealing with the challenges life offers us, I’ve found the three most empowering words are COMMUNICATION, EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE, and the team I’ve brought together at John Cooke Investigations has all three of these. There are no investigators I place more trust in than the John Cooke team.

Know that when you connect with us, you’re connecting with discretion and skill, where your confidentiality comes first and foremost. As owner and founder, I guarantee this.

Trust in me, as business and corporate leaders have time and time again, and put your trust in my team at John Cooke Investigations.


Bringing you combined decades of training and experience

The John Cooke Investigations team provides a wide range of investigative services. If the answers are out there, we find them. More importantly, though, if we believe that another agency can better serve the needs of your specific case, we’ll tell you that.


Suspicious deaths
Fictitious identities
Elder abuse
Personal background checks
Locating missing persons, contacts, family members


Criminal background checks
Civil litigation investigations
Personal injury
Insurance/financial fraud
Locating witnesses
Cold/closed cases


Business licensing
Workers compensation claims
Executive background checks and screenings
Insurance and financial claim resolutions
Asset discovery
Data forensics
Social media research


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